NewDog PR is a strategic PR business for hotels, with a focus on the investment arm of the sector.

We combine in-depth sector knowledge, an ability to identity a client’s unique message, the expertise to develop that message into a compelling voice and then the strategic experience to create activities to convey this message to the B2B audience in the sector.
We’re also really well connected and respected in the sector, which is handy.

It’s noisy out there but a clear and simple message, well told, can be a powerful call to action. If you’ve got a good story to tell and would like some support to really make it fly, we’d love to help.

our services

NewDog PR offers a full range of strategic and operational PR and communication services to clients from across the global hotel investment community.

Here is a brief overview of what we can help you with…


the podcast

The most recent episodes of our weekly podcast – New Tricks. Listen from here, or hit the button below for a full playlist of episodes.

You’ve Been Amberised

On New Tricks this week we talk to Sean Worker, Managing Director & Principal at T5 Strategies + The Adapters and consider the hitherto unobserved yet frankly staggering analogies between the global pandemic and Jurassic Park and whether space travel may be the solution to the current trauma associated with attempting to leave the country – at least for those of us here in the UK.

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A (Cinnamon) Bunfight with Tom Oakden

This week on New Tricks we are celebrating Freedom Day in England with Tom Oakden, managing director at Hilltop Hospitality Advisers. Up for
discussion is inflation in the cinnamon bun market, why queueing is back and how hotel companies are selling assets to stay in the game.

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