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Strategic PR from Hotel Experts

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Magnuson Hotels offers an alternative to the traditional branded franchise hotel model. With a simple fee structure and no add-ons, it is  a top 20 global chain, representing 65,000 hotels and 700 airlines across 32 countries. We’re helping it raise its profile both in the UK and US through sharing its key messages of heritage and transparency.

RLA Global consults and advises on a wide variety of mixed-use leisure development around the world. It specialises in complex schemes, particularly those that involve wellness components. These popular but intricate elements require a granular understanding of the many moving parts – critical when the majority of resort revenue comes from outside the bedroom. We’re helping RLA Global raise their digital presence so their name becomes synonymous with ‘mixed-use’ and ‘wellbeing’.

PnK finds value for hotel investors through reviewing technology structure and costs. Not just pennies either – in 2020 PnK People saved hotel investors over $4.5m of annual IT costs. Hotels desperately need, and most want, to get better at technology. We’re helping PnK help hotels get better at all things tech – and gain a better understanding and save money along the way.

We’re working with the corporate & M&A group at Watson Farley & Williams to position them as an authority on the changing dynamics within the global hotel sector using a carefully-crafted series of articles and webinars. The project showcases the teams’ understanding of the issues and challenges facing the industry – namely the need for greater alignment between hotel brands and owners. 

Daniel is a mental health and wellbeing expert and psychotherapist specialising in REBT, the first form of cognitive behaviour therapy. He is also the best-selling author of The Four Thoughts That F*ck You Up (and how to fix them), published by Penguin Random House. A brilliant writer and skilled public speaker, he appears regularly on radio and television and we are working with Daniel to share his experience and expertise with the hotel sector – an industry keen to take advantage of good mental health for staff and guests alike as wellness offerings evolve. 

We have been brought in to support Mews as the company continues to grow worldwide with a current customer base nearing 2,000. Despite the pandemic, Mews has continued its growth trajectory and now wants to share insights and learnings from across the hospitality sector so that customers and prospects feel confident in their strategies as the industry gets closer to ‘normal’ again. We’re helping build more awareness for the people, technology and customers at Mews.

We’re working with Beach Retreats on their expansion as they target five managed communities within the next three years, contributing sustainably to local tourism by providing stable employment, adding to accommodation capacity and respecting the environment. Leisure-driven outdoor offerings have attracted increased investment in the past 18 months, driving the three-largest deals in the hospitality sector in Europe, with the acquisition of seven Center Parcs Europe holiday parks by Aroundtown for close to €1bn, KKR buying Roompot for €1bn and InfraVia Capital Partners picking up Sandaya for an undisclosed fee.

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